Cartoon Network: Nostalgic Lessons of the 90s

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The ‘90s kid’ has always been a tag that has stood out from other times.

The after school run in front of the television to watch our favorite cartoons is so nostalgic. Those classic cartoons have had a great impact on most of the kids of the nineties. These cartoons remain the best part of childhood memories.

The best thing about these cartoons was that each cartoon has taught something to those who watched it. Sometimes even the elders used to enjoy watching these. Family times have also been fun watching cartoons.

Some of the most remembered nostalgic cartoon shows and the lessons they taught are:

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  • Tom and Jerry: This show of the cat-mouse relationship still remains the favorite cartoon of many. The show teaches a lot of lessons. The most important lesson may be that ‘size never matters.’ It also taught us not to be judgmental about things and the value of sharing.

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  • Scooby- Doo: This show is about a dog named Scooby Doo and his human friends solving mysteries. The lesson this cartoon program gives is that there is a solution for everything. It also teaches the value of team work and friendship.

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  • Dexter’s Laboratory: This cartoon has induced an interest for science and experiments in kids. The cartoon is about a boy, Dexter, who invents things in his laboratory at home. It also shows the sibling character Dee Dee. The show also stresses the importance of family.

Richie Rich.jpg

  • Richie rich: The show is about adventures of a rich kid named Richie Rich, his family and friends. The cartoon teaches a big lesson that money is not everything.

Image result for courage the cowardly dog cartoon network

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: This cartoon show is about an old couple and their coward dog. The dog is a coward but ironically named Courage. The show gives a very important lesson to the viewers that you have to face your fears and be courageous. It also gives a message to be kind to everyone and never underestimate something.

Image result for popeye the sailor man cartoon network

  • Popeye the Sailor Man: Spinach became the favorite of many kids, thanks to Popeye. The show is about the adventures of the sailor named Popeye who gets strength to fight anything when he eats spinach. The show teaches the lesson that no matter what the situation is we can get strength and be better.

Image result for johnny bravo cartoon network

  • Johnny Bravo: The cartoon show is about a man who tries to impress girls. This show however, has taught that you may face many rejections in life, but you have to move forward and look for success. It also tries to imbibe the confidence in kids.

Image result for powerpuff girls

  • Power puff girls: This cartoon show is about three super-hero girls. The intention of the show was to give out the message that girls are as strong and powerful as boys.

Image result for grim adventures of billy and mandy

  • Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy: The cartoon is about the dark adventures of two children and Grim Reaper, who portrays death. This show taught us that no matter how dark our lives can become, we will always find light if we search for it.

Image result for captain planet and the planeteers

  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: This is an environmentalist television program. This show intends to induce a sense of responsibility towards nature and environment. It also shows the importance of recycling and conservation.

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It is the opinion of many of the ‘90s kids’ that the cartoons today do not rise up to the standards set by those they grew up watching. These cartoons were not mere animated videos but have impacted the mindset of many children. Children today are more drawn into technology and the cartoon shows have become less important. However, these cartoons have made a remarkable impact in viewers that these will always be remembered.


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