Déjà vu: A Mystery of Mind Yet to be Solved

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Have you ever suddenly got the feeling, ‘hey, this already happened.’ For example, you are sitting in a cafe with your friends. The waiter places your coffee and says ‘Enjoy.’ Suddenly you feel you have experienced the same thing with the same friends, same coffee and the same waiter saying ‘Enjoy.’ Sounds a bit eerie, but if you have felt this in any situation, you just experienced déjà vu.

Déjà vu is a feeling of experiencing something that has happened before, but you are unable to find out when. The word ‘déjà vu’ means already seen in French.  This still remains a mystery for scientists as there is no proof or explanation, but only theories based on assumptions.

There are a lot of theoretical assumptions on this mystery. Some scientists say that this happens due to the co-ordination problem of your eyes.  Normally both the eyes send signals of what we view at the same time to the brain. Sometimes there may occur slight coordination differences between the eyes, the right eye may send the signal faster than the left eye by a millisecond or vice versa. This creates a feeling in the brain and thus comes to a conclusion of things happening twice.

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Another assumption for experiencing déjà vu is that it may be a slight problem in the nervous system. The thought process may happen beforehand the image gets formed in the brain. For example, you may be going to visit a friend. You already know about this friend and before signals send by your eyes get formed in the brain the thoughts get formed. This may also be one theory why déjà vu occurs.

Being in same situation may also make you experience déjà vu. Similar situations may lead your brain into a misunderstanding that you have already experienced this. This may also be the reason for déjà vu experiences.

Some psychologists have made conclusions that déjà vu may occur due to a lack of sleep. Lack of sleep affects the brain and so may experience any of the already mentioned assumptions above.  Some findings note that it occurs when you are distracted from what you are doing. There are also psychologists who make assumptions that déjà vu is the brain’s way of spotting real and fake memories. Other interesting conclusions are déjà vu being visions from past lives or that occurs due to time travel.

It may sometimes even feel like what you dreamt may have become a reality. But not everyone experiences this. The exact statistics cannot be obtained as to how many people may experience déjà vu. Psychologists note only 60% of the population experience the same. It occurs mostly in the age group between 15 to 25. It can also be signs of the normal functioning of the brain.

The subconscious mind plays a lot of mystery games with us. Not everything gets proved. The déjà vu concept still is a mystery that is being tried to be solved.

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