Getting Things Done: Stopping Procrastination

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Have you ever put up things till the last minute?

It’s more likely that everyone have faced the situation of rushing to do a work to meet the deadline and regretting not to start early.

Many of us do this on a regular basis. Be it studying for exams, completing a project, doing laundry, etc. there are many things that remain undone for too long. Putting up things to be done later is what is called Procrastination.

Procrastination is not easy to deal with. It can become even a habit. This habit can land us in many troubles. You may think:

“I will just check my phone and get it done.”

“The deadline is next Friday, I have plenty of time.”

It became common with the increase in technology. Nowadays, people get their attention deviated automatically to smart phones and gets glued on it. They stay detached from the real world and engaged in the visual world for hours.

Procrastination is not laziness.

Being lay is not doing anything. But procrastination is doing something more interesting when you have other important tasks to get done. However, procrastination for long can lead to laziness. This can lead to very bad consequences.

Procrastination is a choice. It is left to you to choose if you wish to get all those things important done or not.

Simple solution to stop procrastinating is to start doing the important tasks. There are a few habits that could help stop you from procrastinating.

  1. Wake up early: Waking up early gives you more time to get your things done. Added advantage is you can do tasks that need more focus during early morning as it will be peaceful and the environment will be quiet.Image result for wake up early
  2. Keep a To-Do-List: This is something everyone asks you to do, but it is very important. Write down things that need to be done beforehand. It will help in saving time too. Be organised.                                                                 Image result for to do list
  3. Set Priorities: Prioritizing things can help in getting important things done quickly and meet deadlines. Identify important and less important tasks and sort it based on the urgency and deadlines.                                                               Image result for prioritise
  4. Set Alarms and Reminders: Alarms and Reminders can help in meeting the deadlines. It always works to put an alarm an hour or a few minutes earlier so that it can act something like a warning.                                            Image result for reminders for tasks students
  5. Break Big Tasks into Small Ones: Break big tasks into small chunks because it will trick your mind into believing it to be simpler tasks and you should start right away. It will also help in keeping track on the progress of the task.                                                Image result for break big tasks into smaller tasks
  6. Reward Yourself: Reward yourself when you complete a task successfully. It keeps you motivated and encouraged.                      Image result for reward yourself
  7. Backup Plan: Always have a backup plan because in case you take more time for some task to be completed or maybe you procrastinate a bit, you should be able to manage the rest of your to-do prioritized list.         Image result for always have a backup plan
  8. Social media notifications off: Social media can be a distraction most of the time. Turning the notification off can help in reducing the urge to check the messages or posts.                                                                                          Image result for social media notifications off

Doing these simple things can help a lot in getting rid of the procrastination habit. It’s your choice to ‘Get things Done’ or procrastinate.

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