Hemalatha: A Budding Realistic Artist

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Talking to an artist like Hemalatha is such fun. A down to earth person from Chennai, she is a wonderful artist. The twenty-two-year-old is called a professional artist by many, but she claims to be still a learner. She finds her journey of being a fully-fledged professional artist to be in the beginning stage.

Hemalatha is presently a third-year student of Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. She was a mathematics student before. She was selected as the Vice-President for art club while pursuing under graduation in mathematics.   This made her realize her passion for art and got back to the dream of being an artist. During her school days, she used to dream of being an artist. She used to spend most of her time drawing and painting classes held in her school.  But as she grew up, she couldn’t find guidance in the field of art. She was unsure about a career in this field and so was her family. at a point, even her parents didn’t agree at first for taking classes on art because of exams and studies. Eventually, she found much encouragement from her family.

Hema found her inspiration from her school art teacher who guided her to art after she regained her passion. His encouragement also motivated her a lot. Also, her interest in painting and her childhood drawings also have inspired herself.  She also finds so much inspiration and also gets influenced by various artists posting their best works on social media platforms like Instagram.

Hema experiments on various types of painting and drawing. She does portraits, sceneries, caricatures, etc. She has her Instagram, twitter and youtube channel filled with her work.  She started her youtube when she got requests from a few fans to post time-lapse videos of her work. Her fans believe she has magic in her hands and named her Magic Fairy. This made her name her Instagram account and pages Magic Fairy Arts.

Hema’s emotion-filled paintings can be said to have life in them. She says the best thing about being an artist is that she can relax when she does the work. When angry or sad, she sketches and after completing the sketch she gets so much relaxed. She goes on to say that even Yoga does not give her this relaxation. It also helps to handle her emotions.

Hema believes that an artist cannot be harsh. Artists need to observe and imbibe everything. For creating a live painting, she needs to observe everything about what she needs to paint. Her favorite things to draw are mostly those pictures that have expressions and emotions in them. Her themes are mostly old people. The emotions of old people, according to Hema, the texture of skin tend to be more realistic and detailed. It gives more work to her hands. She believes her paintings should convey something strong and full of emotions.

There were times when she couldn’t get what she had in mind into her painting. This, Hema says happened mainly when she had a break from art while pursuing mathematics. However, her hard work and dedication didn’t go in vain. Her first portrait was that of her parents. Before she required five to six hours to complete a portrait, which now, with practice, she could do in a matter of thirty minutes.  She worked on more than eighty portraits for achieving this. She is a self-taught artist as she learned about various art products, brands, techniques, etc. using social media and Youtube after she had a break from art.

Apart from paintings and drawings, Hema also does craftworks. She is more interested in polymer clay miniature crafts. She is the first artist in her family. Her teachers are also so proud of her. She was awarded the Student of The Year Award in her 1st year in college and has received various other awards including an award by the Tamil Nadu State Government. Her painting is also selected by Kasthuri Srinivasan Trust, Coimbatore for exhibiting in their gallery.

Hema did her first group exhibition recently in her college. The exhibition was from 16th to 18th of October which was extended till 20th because of great flow of the audience. The exhibition was conducted at Kavin Arts College, Chennai and was conducted by the third year batch of the same college.

Hema dreams to conduct a solo exhibition. She is trying to create hyper-realistic paintings. Artists like Hemalatha is an inspiration for the young generation to follow their passion and do what you love. She also proves that practice makes everything so much better.


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