Nude Beaches: Reality To Understand Sexuality

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After his photos being shared on social media without permission, Nazeer Hussain decided to share his experience on the Nude Beach of New Jersey himself. He writes on his facebook page his experience and thoughts.

He came to know about Nude Beach situated in New Jersey, America through an Indian friend. The Nude Beach as anyone would have been curious of its name lets you wander about naked. Clothing is optional.  He visited the beach the very next weekend.

His way to the beach was filled with certain fears. Shyness was obvious but, more than that his fear was of meeting someone he knew on the beach. However, he took his chances after coming to conclusions that most of his colleagues were Indians and the probability of meeting them was low. Another even bigger fear was getting stimulated by whatever was about to be seen on the beach. A lot of doubts passed his mind. He was curious about the kind of people who come there. He was confused about whether the people visiting the nude beach would be followed or harmed after leaving the place.

On reaching there wearing knee light trousers, the first thing he noticed was a board stating there would be nude sunbathers beyond that point. He then narrates in his post about couples walking holding hands, volleyball game, and family playing in the waves. Everyone he saw there was naked. There were men, women, and children.

Seeing this, all his doubts and fears came to an end. There is no link between nude beaches and sexuality. Just like some people sleep at night naked in their private space, people get rid of their clothes in a public space. That was the only difference. It becomes so natural. No one gets stimulated, no scars or stretch marks become important nor are there any comments passed on people.  In this world, nakedness is associated so much with young men and women, but there are black bodies, white bodies, skin with stretch marks, scars, sagged breasts, obese tummies, etc. You will start to think about nakedness in a different perspective.

By writing his experience, Nazeer further gives a view about preconceived notions of the society which should change. He points out a few of these notions and the facts that society should understand. These are listed below:

  1. Notion: Women get raped because of the way they dress.

Fact: The truth is women who are even covered entirely with cloth are victims of harassment and rapes. Women are viewed as a commodity even in certain advertisements and films. It is not because of the way they dress that women get abused.

woman holding paper with metoo sign written

  1. Notion: A girl going out with a boy is an invitation to the boy to have sex.

Fact: A boy visiting another boy may be because of many reasons, and similarly a girl visiting a boy may have many reasons. These meetings don’t need to be for sex. When a girl says NO to sex, it is to be understood by the boy that she is not interested. Forcing on her is a crime. Similarly, there is the notion that women drinking with men are an invitation for men to have sex, but the fact is it is similar to men drinking or smoking together.

woman showing left hand with wedding band

  1. Notion: If people are familiar or know each other, then sexual relationships are fine.

Fact: Even if it is between married couples, sex without consent is rape. Unfortunately, most women face harassment from someone they know.

woman leaning on bed

  1. Notion: Rape is enjoyed by women because they don’t speak out that they are victims.

Fact: The reason why sexual violence is not reported is mostly due to social and family background. Even while reporting, in a society like India women are said, “there is no smoke without fire.”

person holding white printer paper

  1. Notion: Sexual violence victims are young women.

Fact: Women of all ages are victims of sexual violence. Even children and old people turn victims.

These are just a few notions listed by Nazeer. He concludes his post by stating that our sexual organ is our brain. This post by him is really what the society should read about. It is something that even children need to be educated upon. People adopting this perspective give hope for a better world.


Amrutha A Varma

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