Rethinking Education in India

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What is the purpose of education?

The ultimate purpose of education is to provide the world with productive citizens.  Education imparted is to recognize what is right and wrong, just and unjust. It is supposed to boost a person’s talent, confidence and ability. Education is the ray of hope for humanity. But the preacher gets destroyed in the roots nowadays.

Education has, today, taken the meaning of scoring more marks and high grades. The life of a teen student is now filled with more tensions than a thirty-year-old. Your marks decide your value according to the norms set by society. The neighbors and even distant relatives keep your phone busy the day the results arrive. And finally, after knowing everyone’s marks, comparison begins.

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A school going student’s day begins with tuitions with a heavy bag on the shoulders. People send their children for tuitions even for the first grade of school. Tuitions start as early as five in the morning. And again after school starts tuitions again. A drained out child comes back home to do the heavy pile of homework, which if not submitted will have many consequences like punishments, extra work, etc.  At the end of the day, the bed becomes the only comfort.

There are beautiful films like 3 Idiots which can be related to, except maybe the climax. The definition written down in the book using rhetoric language is more important than a simple definition based on understanding. Had education been not mugging up the texts for exams, there is a possibility that the world would witness amazing things based on actual curiosity and learning.

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Passion finds suicide as the only option when lost in the cravings of academic excellence. The pressure that builds in by the assignments, projects, presentations, exams, results, and future gets too much to handle along with other happenings around them like bullying. It also creates so much stress in these productive years of their life.

“A student commits suicide in India every hour.”

Suicides happen among students for the reason that marks are low or because they fail in exams. Even students gaining above 90 percent commit suicide for the reason that their parents are not happy and thinking that he/she might have let them down. A feeling gets formed in the young minds that they are not good enough. The academic pressure and low self-esteem lead them to depression, which is becoming common nowadays and finally to commit suicide.

Yet another ignored area is that of mental health and concerns. Aamir Khan may have understood very well and so happened Taare amen Par, but have Indian parents and teachers understood is still a question.

Each child is different, their abilities are different. Building pressure inside those young minds will only lead to making robots out of them. Let us make the young generation less robotic and more in favor of humanity, which is the true essence of education. It is high time we rethink our education practices and move more into an inclusive and stress-free one.

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